State Licenses

StateDescriptionLicense #
ALAlabama (State of), Company License933
ALAlabama (State of), Company License1556
AZArizona (State of) Company License20728
AZArizona (State of) Qualified Manager65274
ARArkansas (State of), Company LicenseCMPY.0001488
ARArkansas (State of), Qualified ManagerREP.0003739
CACalifornia (State of), (Qualified Manager)ACQ 5175
CACalifornia (State of), Company LicenseACO 6132
DEDelaware (State of) FIRE, (Qualified Manager)RA-0005
DEDelaware (State of) FIRE, Company LicenseCSRSL-0004
DEDelaware (State of), Company License05-85
DCDistrict of Columbia400318802462
FLFlorida (State of), Company LicenseEF20000481
ILIllinois (State of), (Qualified Manager)124.001558
ILIllinois (State of), Company License127-001299 / 124-001558
MDMaryland (State of), Company License107-840
MDMaryland (State of), Representative Member107-840
MIMichigan (State of), Company License3601205107
OKOklahoma (State of), (Qualified Manager)A5735
OKOklahoma (State of), Company LicenseAC899
OROregon (State Of)PSID – 1777
OROregon (State Of), (Qualified Manager)PSID – 51512
OROregon (State Of), (Alarm Monitor Instructor)PSID – 51512
RIRhode Island (State of) Burg, Company License8252
TNTennessee (State of), (Qualified Mgr.)00000983
TNTennessee (State of), Company License00000632
TNTennessee (State of), Company License00001626
TNTennessee (State of), (Qualified Mgr.)00001723
TNTennessee (State of), Company License00001742
TNTennessee (State of), (Qualified Mgr.)00001212
TXTexas (State of) for Burglary (Qualified Mgr.)542528
TXTexas (State of) for Burglary, Company LicenseB11561
TXTexas (State of) for Burglary, Company LicenseB17961
TXTexas (State of) for Fire (Qualified Mgr.)AMT-2250619
TXTexas (State of) for Fire (Qualified Mgr.)AMT-1741258
TXTexas (State of) for Fire, Company LicenseACR-2215
UTUtah (State of), (Qualified Mgr.)Registered, No # Issued
UTUtah (State of), Company License5854940-6501
VAVirginia (Commonwealth of), (Compliance Agent)CA-0000786 / 99-047721
VAVirginia (Commonwealth of), Company License11-1941

Local municipality licenses and additional information available upon request.