Our Team

Our management team has decades of experience providing professional monitoring, has performed thousands of line swings, and has a clear understanding of what it means to support alarm dealers of all sizes. As the “Best in Class” monitoring provider, COPS talented leadership is among the industry’s very best.

You can reach our team by calling 800-367-2677, or by visiting the contact page.

Executive Team


Ira Riklis

Jim McMullen
Chief Operating Officer

Dan Barbera
Executive VP
Chief Financial Officer

Donavan Maden, Executive Vice President, COPS Monitoring

Don Maden
Senior Executive Vice President

Heather Peterson, Executive Vice President, COPS Monitoring

Heather Peterson
Executive Vice President

Billing & Finance

Nicole Black, Assistant VP of Finance. COPS Monitoring

Nicole Black
Vice President of Finance

Michele Beckett, Vice President of Accounting, COPS Monitoring

Michele Beckett
Vice President of Accounting

Sales & Marketing

David Smith, VP of Marketing & Business Development, COPS Monitoring

David Smith
VP of Marketing
& Business Development

Joe Goodman, Director of Sales, COPS Monitoring

Joe Goodman
Director of Sales

Bart Weiner
Senior Account Executive

Kevin Kremposky
Account Executive

Richard Nutting
Account Executive

Kendrick Johnson
Account Executive

Kristen Tierno, Executive Assistant. COPS Monitoring

Kristen Tierno
Executive Assistant

Melissa Guenther
Administrative / Sales Specialist

Joyce Hausler
Sales Support

Diane Strockbine, Dealer Support Representative, COPS Monitoring

Diane Strockbine
Telemarketing / Sales Support


Kara Pickell
Vice President of Operations

Juergen Henry, Assistant VP of Operations Manager, COPS Monitoring

Juergen Henry
Assistant VP of Operations

Dale Robbins
New Jersey
Operations Manager

Francois Etienne, Arizona Operations Manager, COPS Monitoring

Francois Etienne
Operations Manager

Jennifer Mix, Florida Operations Manager, COPS Monitoring

Jennifer Mix
Operations Manager

Devin Robbins, Tennessee Operations Manager, COPS Monitoring

Devin Robbins
Operations Manager

Ashley Pritchett
Texas Operations Manager

Zois Gasis
Operations Manager

Dealer Support & Data Entry

Julie Tenerelli, Assistant Vice President of Admin Support, COPS Monitoring

Julie Tenerelli
Vice President of Dealer Services & Support

Angie Teasley
Data Entry Manager

Heather Ferrara
National Account Executive

Lauren LeBrun
Administrative Support Manager
MD Branch

DeAnna Graf
Dealer Support Manager

Amanda Jacobs, National Support, COPS Monitoring

Amanda Jacobs
National Support

LeeAnne Meinel, National Support, COPS Monitoring

LeeAnne Meinel
National Support

Tanezia McAdams, Dealer Support Representative, COPS Monitoring

Tanezia McAdams
Dealer Support Representative

Cherene Hannold, Dealer Support Representative, COPS Monitoring

Cherene Hannold
Dealer Support Representative

Ashley Youmans, Dealer Support Representative, COPS Monitoring

Ashley Youmans
Dealer Support Representative

Victorsha Thomas, Dealer Support Representative, COPS Monitoring

Victorsha Thomas
Dealer Support Representative

IT, Project Management, & Technical Services

Kat Tallman
VP of Software Development

Philip Gregory
Director of Web-Based APIs
& Proprietary Software

Mike Steigerwalt

Mike Steigerwalt
Network Infrastructure Director

Darren Frick, Sr. Technical Services, COPS Monitoring

Darren Frick
Sr. Technical Services

Jay Hall
Technical Services

Dave Mendelsohn, Technical Services, COPS Monitoring

Dave Mendelsohn
Technical Services

…plus 100’s of dispatchers and other dedicated support staff  located in 6 different states!