MPower Quick Search makes finding your accounts easier, more intuitive, more convenient, and faster than ever before! 

Available on both the tablet/desktop and mobile versions of MPower.


  The Quick Search Bar on the Main Menu, and the Advanced Account Search in the Tools & Info Menu

Quick Search on the main menu uses data from several fields to find an account and returns the first 50 results:

Enter your search term and Quick Search will automatically begin looking for the term in all of the following fields:

Account Number | Name | Address | City | State | ZIP Code | Phone Number (premises, RP, and authorities) | Permit | Billing ID | Virtual Account

…and return your results in as little as 3 seconds!

Clicking on a search result will open the Account Manager in a new window.

Important note: the data available for search results is indexed and refreshed every 4 hours.
Therefore, even though new accounts and updates to existing accounts go live in our monitoring systems immediately,
recent add/updated will not be reflected in the search results for up to 4 hours.

Clicking on the account opens it in a new window where you will always see the current account information
as it appears in our live monitoring system.

Just want to search in one field?  That’s OK because you can also filter your results using the quick search options.  Check one or more of the boxes to search only in those fields.


The quick search enhancement has an advanced search function that gives you the ability to find a specific account by entering multiple search criteria at the same time!

To use the Advanced MPower Quick Search click on “Advanced Account Search” on the Tools & Info column of the MPower main screen:

The advanced search feature allows you to search using one or more of the following fields:
Account# | Name | Address | City | State | Zip | Premise Phone # | Permit # | Dealer # | Virtual Account # | Billing ID | RP Phone# | Police Phone# | Fire Phone# | Medical Phone# | Aux Phone#

For instance, let’s say you need to find the Blacksmith residence on Main Street, in New York.  No problem!

DOUBLE-CLICK a search result to open the Account Manager in a new window
Only have part of a phone number, or unsure how to spell a customer’s last name?  Relax! The partial match search capabilities of MPower means you can find your account just by entering a few letters in one of the fields.

Scroll left/right to see the additional columns.  Columns not in the right order for you?  Another great feature is the ability to move columns around in any order you wish, simply by clicking/dragging the column header left or right



Click to Enlarge

Search and save time anywhere!  As an added convenience, the new, powerful, and time-saving Quick Search features that are on the Main Menu are also available on MPower Me, the mobile edition of MPower.

A convenient “Quick Link” drop-down menu makes it easy to quickly navigate through your account:

  • Place Account On Test
  • Take Account Off Test
  • View Test Results
  • View Individual Alarm History
  • Go to the Main Menu

Login to MPower, try out the Quick Search tool, and start saving time today!